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Get to Know Xi'an

Travel Guide

Xian, referred as Changan in ancient times, is located in Guanzhong basin in the middle reacher of Yangtze River. Xian is also one of the Four Greatest Ancient Capitals in the world, together with Athens, Rome and Cairo. It is the place where 13 emperors once established their capitals, which enjoys a history of more than 1100 years. It is one of the birthplaces of the Chinese civilization in the Yellow River Basin area in ancient times.

Climate & Weather

The city of Xian in the warm and semi-humid continental monsoon region, experiencing warm Spring, hot Summer, cool and rainy Autumn and dry winter, and enjoying four distinct seasons. The annual mean temperature of Xian is about 13.4℃. The city receives most of its annual precipitation from August to late October in the form of rain. March to May and September to November are taken as the best travel periods to Xian.


Xian is easily accessible by flights, trains and buses. Getting around in the city of Xian is also very convenient. The city of Xian is laid out on a grid pattern with clear road signs. Most of the attractions within the walls are walkable or bike friendly. The tourism buses connect those sights a little far from the city center. The taxi rates are much lower than those in Beijing and Shanghai. Metro Line 2 has been put inot service.

Top Things to Do in Xi'an

The Terracotta Army

To visit Army of Terra Cotta Warriors is the main reason why you are here in Xian. You may have already seen its pictures from China travel books or China tour related travel websites. The original site was found by a local farmer digging a well in 1974. Now it has turned into the most important attraction in Xian - Terracotta Warriors and Horse Museum.

The Big Goose Pagoda

The pagoda is of tap-style brick-made one and stretches 64.5 meters in height. The pagoda appears square-shaped cone and its width descends proportionally from the bottom to the top. Inside the pagoda builds several timber-made stairs and travelers could ascend to its top easily. Standing on the top of the pagoda, visitors could capture a bird eye view of the Xian city.

Ancient City Wall

After consistent repair and protection, the Xian City Wall now offers a good combination of the city wall, city moats, forest belt and city ring-routes. In early years, those ancient walls regarded as the obstacle to the modernization of the city, but now it is the pride, which offers great honor to the old city.

Xi'an Day Tours

The Terracotta Army & Big Goose Pagoda One-day Tour


The Terracotta Warriors and Horses have won fame as one of the greatest archaeological finds of this century. The Wild Goose Pagoda is a well-preserved ancient building and holy place for Buddhists.

Huashan Mountain One-day Tour


Huashan Mountain is known as one of the five sacred mountains in China. Enjoy magnificent aerial and mountain views at Huashan Mountain’s peak and challenge yourself to a trek up to take in breathtaking views.

Cave Dwelling One-day Jeep Tour


Spend a day exploring countryside of Xian. visiting ancient Buddhist sculptures and unique cave dwellings. You will also have the opportunity to have lunch and a wine tasting at a vineyard.