Xi'an Local Travel Experts

Excellent tour guides are the soul of our service. We select and arrange the most experienced tour guides for our customers, and we control the quality. Here are the expert guides in Beijing, they are all working as a guide for over 4 years.

Carol Guan - Experienced Travel Specialist & Guide

Majored in English, working as a tour guide for 10 years makes me love serving for the travel funs. Now as a travel advisor, I could share my experience with the customers and provide you professional suggestions to make a lifetime memorable trip to our beautiful country.

Nancy Deng - Travel Specialist

I always marvel whenever I travel". Through traveling, I gain abundant knowledge and still seek more. The unknown beautiful places are like magnets that attract my curiosity. After graduation from university, I realized my goal was to work in a travel agency, and now my goal is to help people obtain comfortable and successful travel experiences in China. Join us and start your exploration in this land of incredible wonders.

Cecilia Peng - Travel Sepcialist

I like travel as many people do in the world. There is nothing special, I just want to see something I never see, experience the life I never live and enjoy the present bestowed by Nature. Will you join us ?

Robert Hui - Travel Specialist & Photographer

There are two things to aim at in life: first, to get what you want; and ,after that, to enjoy it" ——Logan P. Smith, American writer. Majored in English, love travelling and chatting online, I think I am a lucky person to work for China Highlights Travel as a travel advisor. I can share my experience with travelers from all over the world, and fulfill their China dream with professional knowledge and passion here, this is really what I am excited for!